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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Rotary Youth Exchange - Adventure or Nightmare?

We all know there is always one bad apple in the bunch, usually.....

So what I am about to convey is not towards the entire Rotary Youth Exchange but just ours locally.  And of that maybe just a few select inept people who literally took one year of our child's and family's life and turned it upside down, chewed up and spit out only to keep 70% of our money....all while saying SHAME ON YOU for quitting, "We need to keep ALL the money and redistribute it to the other GREATFUL and OBEDIENT children"

I am pretty upset right now as it is November 18, 2014.  Over a year ago our daughter decided she wanted to apply for the Rotary Youth Exchange Program.  Not only was she selected but she was one of the very few EVER to be selected to go to Italy!! 

We were all thrilled and so thankful for the great opportunity!  She had acquired the Golds in Forensics at State, was a gifted and talented writer, and was embracing the journey abroad!!

All was great and going as planned until May of this year, approximately 4 - 5  months before her planned departure to attend her Senior Year in Italy. 

Students going over to Italy are required to see the Italian Consulate which was no problem.  We were going to make the 8 hour drive to Chicago the first week of June.  The only problem was the Italian Family hadn't sent us the needed papers to take with us.  During that time the Chicago Italian Consulate reduced their hours to 3 hours per week.

So now instead of 8 hours one way it is now 25 hours round trip to Kansas City, Missouri.  Yes, that increased our stress level a bit but we were prepared to tackle the journey and get it behind us.

The problem was we couldn't get any answers from anyone.  Katie, the director of Sara's RYE kept saying, "Call the Travel Agent", "Call So and So in Milwaukee".  Well Ms So and So from Milwaukee knew nothing about nothing and kept saying she couldn't help Sara.  The travel agent NEVER RETURNED our emails or phone calls for almost 2 months!!

Now this is a 16 year old girl who had mentally prepared for leaving for Italy.  Not to mention she had just completed a ton of online classes in the Spring to help make up for the credit difference in order to graduate as a Senior after being in Italy.

She nor any of us were prepared for the lack of help, direction, or correct advise during such important times and important decisions. 

Sara went weeks upon weeks being sent in insane misdirection.  After 2 months she was exhausted, fed up, and feeling a little lack of faith and trust in this Rotary Youth Exchange Program.

The final convention was the 2nd week of July.  She knew at that point she was no longer able to "trust" this whole ordeal.  She felt totally left alone to deal with this "unsolvable" dilemma.  How in the world would she put her life into these peoples hands for a whole year???

So because of this, over $6,000 our family had contributed in paying, we were told we were lucky to get $1,300 back with the $775 donation from other Rotarians returned.  No air flights were purchased.  The "director" Ernie even said it was mentioned for punishment that ALL MONEY be redistributed to all the Worthy and Obedient Children of the Rotary Youth Exchange!!

This has been a nightmare for our family.  Don't even mention, Rotary to Sara, as it just brings up all this insane incompetent bull crap she endured, especially this summer.

She had mentally left her High School so when going to Italy was no longer an option, she found it difficult to return to LUHS.  We then made an appointment with the local college for advise.  This in itself was a blessing as Sara will graduate at the age of 18 as a Police Officer.  But on top of all the money distributed to Sara's Italian trip, now our family is having to cover $500 monthly schooling fees.  It was originally thought the high school would cover the costs as it usually covered and call "Youth College Option".....

Our neighbor has hosted many kids during the last 30 years.  She recommended contacting the "governor" of the Rotary Youth Exchange program.  So I call someone higher up in our little town only to be, once again, treated as we are the "bad" and "disobedient" ones.  Disregarding with condemnation.

Also, the man who is in charge of the "Breakfast Club" with the Rotary left us an almost 10 minute message basically saying Sara had no back bone and it was spineless backing out.  This abusive man, who used to be a "pastor" even came unannounced to our home in a rage, scaring our 2 younger children.  I only wish we had been home to confront him....

So, does this sound like Adventure or Nightmare????

By the way, if you haven't realized the Rotary is made up of the elite of the elite and they DO NOT like bad publicity!  Happy endings and Rainbows are their criteria!! 

As we begin to get back to a somewhat normal life we have this measly $1,300 check that was sent by Rotary.  We need the money, we need to repay a lot of it, we need to heal. 

I bet if more people were able to "air" the unpleasantries of the Rotary Youth Exchange programs you would start reading more and more.

Post thought....What makes this even more of a pathetic and unjust mess is our family put everything we had for this incredible opportunity for our oldest daughter.  Only 2 years prior did we learn my husband had been chronically ill for years from undiagnosed Lyme Disease.

For every door God closes, God will open another, and his Will be done <3 font="">

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Top 10 ways to Protect Your Family from Ebola

Ebola Global Pandemic is on the Run!!
Is Your Family Prepared?

Wow!!  Ebola is here and where did it come from??  Hmmm...Africa.
They thought the Lethal Ebola Virus was isolated and now they are looking at 7 major airports.  It is GOING TO SPREAD and hopefully not for very long!!
So the question is, is how to protect your family?  Being a Mother of 4, I am always worried, almost Alpha Neurotic on how to protect my children. 
I've learned a lot in the last couple of decades and I would LOVE to share my information with you.  These are inexpensive options that probably your Pediatrician or Doctor won't tell you!
#1  Purchase some Colloidal Silver - right NOW!!
Colloidal Silver I learned some time ago from an older, wiser Country Woman on how to save someone with Pneumonia.  That someone was my Father.  He was sent home to die in 2010 of Pneumonia at the age of 81.  You could see DEATH in his EYES.  Thank God! I knew of the Colloidal Silver and knew to have him Nebulize it.  Sure enough in 2 days, my Father was up on his feet and the look of Death was GONE!  I know Colloidal Silver saved his life!!  Make sure you take a Spray Bottle with you on any Public Transportation such as Airplane flights, trains, buses, subways, etc.
~~~Google Cavities and Colloidal Silver!!  You will be AMAZED!!

Now you ask, what does this have to do with say Ebola, or other scary viruses or infections? 
Did you know that the Pharmaceutical Group wanted to have Colloidal Silver BANNED and labeled as a Pesticide!!  LOL!  Why!  Because it HEALS, because it SAVES!

There have been studies on Silver for over 30 years.  The EPA approved claims stating that Colloidal Silver has a 30-second kill time and a 24-hour residual kill time on standard indicator bacteria,
 a 10-minute kill time on fungi,
 a 30-second kill time on HIV Type I,
 and a 10-minute kill time on other viruses.

Four Thieves Oil
WOW!!  What other product have you ever heard of that comes even CLOSE to doing this??  So go buy a BOTTLE NOW!!

#2  Thieves Spray comes 2nd to Colloidal Silver....

Back in the 1400's during the Bubonic Plague there were 4 Thieves that went from home to home of the dying and dead to steal them of all their Worldly Goods.  The Authorities knew of these Thieves but were puzzled as to how they kept from catching the Deadly Bubonic Virus.  So when they caught the Thieves, they demanded to know how and what they used to avoid the Plague, then they killed them.

So the Now Famous Thieves Oil, trademarked by Young Living, which how the heck can you trademark History?? is made up of Cinnamon, Clove, Lemon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary.  You can use the Spray or you can put in a Diffuser.  I do both at times. 

#3 Stock up on Echinacea and start feeding it to your Family.....
If you build up your Immune System, then you will have an Army to help fight any Viruses.  You MUST build up your Immune System to protect against any Ebola that might be lurking or even Colds, Infections and Flus.  Go to your local Health Food Store and pick up a bottle today!

#4  Vitamin C, Selenium, Vitamin D and Selenium help boost your Immune System...
So go stock up.  I like the Vitamin C powder that you mix in water.  I personally like to do about 1 to 2,000 a day.  Vitamin D, when you live North of Madison, WI, you will need at least 4,000 IUs.  Not many people realize that.  We buy the 10,000 units and take about 4 a week for adults.

#5  Wear disposable gloves when going out shopping or out in Stores....
You can buy a box of 100 disposable clear gloves at the store for under $5.  They aren't really noticeable and when you just throw them away.

#6  Keep lots of Kleenex on hand especially when your little ones have Colds....
This keeps their hands off their face.  Hands that touch the mouth, nose, eyes and ears spread the viruses and germs more rapidly.

#7  Eat Organic Fruits and Vegetables - Learn the Dirty Dozen
Did you know that APPLES, much like in Snow White, are the Most DEADLIEST in the Grocery Stores.  So many think that they are helping their family to be healthy by buying store bought Apples but fact is you are only dragging them closer and quicker to the Chemo Lines.

#8 Grass Fed Beef is the BEST!!
We buy our cow by the 1/4 and it is Grass Fed.  Just so much better for you without all the contamination, pesticides and GMO!

#9  Learn about GMO and Monsanto!!!
The Do's and Don'ts will save your LIFE and Future Generations from all kinds of dysfunctional Health that stems from Genetically Modified Organisms.  DO NOT BUY Farm Raised FISH!  Do NOT BUY Beet SUGAR!  And many others.  Take the time and do your Protection Homework!!  Your family will thank you!

#10  Get a Nebulizer Today!
This goes back up to the Colloidal Silver.  It is life saving protection.  Period!  We find ours on local garage sale sites.

To date there have been over 600 people who have died from Ebola Worldwide.
Don't be afraid, just GET SMART! 
Get Prepared!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Studebaker Museum in Bellingham, WA Bell's Museum - Must See

Amazing is an Understatement
when it comes
to the 
Bell's Studebaker Museum!

Located in Bellingham, Wa just north of Seattle about an hour, is the Bell's soon to be famous Studebaker Diner Museum.

We were sent the video on James and Stephanie Bell's Studebaker Museum and would love to share it with everyone.

Amazing collection of Studebaker cars and trucks.

Incredible Vintage Diner.

Just incredible.....see for yourself!!

I wonder if Barrett Jackson Auction Company has seen such greatness in 1 person's home?

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

doterra Essential Oils - Overpriced and Multi Level Marketing Why over Pay?

Doterra Essential Oils

Why over pay for Essential Oils that are so Essential?  You can buy same quality Essential Oils for Much, Much, LESS!

This isn't a bash on Doterra Essential Oils but more of a Heads Up to all of those who are being told that Doterra has the BEST and that you are smart to pay for their Essential Oils at a very high inflated price.

Our family company has been buying Essential Oils for 5 years as we use strictly Essential Oils in our Tick, Mosquito and ALL Bug Spray.  I have my favorite places where I buy my Essential Oils.  We also use Essential Oils for all kinds of family home remedies.

Just last year I started noticing more people getting involved in Essential Oils which is awesome!  Essential Oils are so therapeutic and a MUST.  But I soon learned that most, if not all, of the Essential Oils were from Doterra.

Hmmmm......seems a little funny?  Also I didn't understand why their prices were sometimes 10X higher than the ones I buy.  They are identical apples to apples.

What I soon realized is they are owned by a Mormon, 100% owned, Company out of Utah.

Don't get me wrong I am supportive of US Enterprise and the whole success thing but what I don't get is all these people who are sick, especially with Lyme Disease and other Tick Born Diseases such as Bartonella, Babesia and Mycoplasma that are being suckered into paying outrages prices on what they tell everyone is the ONLY Essential Oil to buy.  As theirs is far more superior than others in which it is not.

I disagree.  Again compare Apples to Apples.

Someone posted on Granola Living and did a great job on the more specifics:) 

I commented...

Thank you for posting about doterra!

I smell almost a new found Cult forming in our area.

Essential Oils are GREAT but yes they are playing with fire and are not qualified Fire Fighters :)

We are really looking into the Cinnamon Oil from Sri Lanka and its ability to kill the spirochetes of Lyme Disease, Bartonella, Babesia and other tick born diseases. 

We are talking $12.  Doterra is trying to convince people they can rid any and all of Lyme Disease and the other TBDs which is false advertising.  They are taking money, too much money, from those who are losing HOPE with fighting such a losing battle as Lyme Disease.  On their last leg and their last dollar.

Just a thought.  The economy is getting worse.  It's harder for average families to put food on the table.  Invest in your health but don't put your savings unnecessarily into a MLM, multi level marketing company.  

google essential oils wholesale discount quality

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lethal Coal Ash or Petcoke - Oxbow Corporation, Lemont, IL

Oxbow Corporation
Illegal Coal Ash or Petcoke
Lethal, No Respirator, Not Sprayed Down
My Father-in-law died 7 weeks later from the day he worked at Oxbow!

Christmas is coming in less than 9 days.  My father-in-law has been deceased now over 3 years.  Since then he has missed his 50th Wedding Anniversary, his first 2 great grandchildren births, missed the graduations of several of his grandchildren, and is terribly missed by his family.

John worked at Oxbow for just a couple of days.  He had been out of work and was desperate to work ANY job.  He was a special certified Heavy Equipment Operator that had had a couple of accidents, very small. One was a slight misjudgement of his own and the other was totally set up by a disgruntled fellow worker.

I believe he was bulldozing Petcoke.  As written on

Now, other than being shady, what kind of business is Oxbow in, you might ask?  Well, it’s about as dirty as it gets. Oxbow hails itself as “the largest distributor of petroleum coke in the world with annual shipments of nearly 11 million tons.”
What is this petroleum coke (or “petcoke”) that Oxbow is distributing all around the world?  Petcoke is a byproduct produced through the oil refining process that is coal-like in composition, yet dirtier and more carbon heavy than coal. In other words, when you refine really dirty oil such as tar sands oil (aka bitumen), what’s left over is petcoke. And it’s extremely dirty.
As the tar sands industry in Alberta, Canada has heated up in recent years, many citizens, communities, and advocacy groups have raised strong concerns about the intensive nature of its extraction and the dirty oil that comes from the tar sands.  Tar sands extraction is destroying huge swaths of pristine and sacred land, and the oil that is produced from the tar sands is as dirty as it gets.  Meanwhile communities in both Canada and the United States are standing up to try to stop the transport of dirty tar sands oil through their backyards and waterways.
But that’s actually only part of the tar sands story – with tar sands oil also comes petcoke, and this stuff is ugly. When it is burned in power plants or factories, it emits 38% more carbon by weight than conventional coal and significantly more toxic pollutants as well.  Essentially, wherever petcoke is used as fuel it generally is making a dirty process even dirtier.  And Oxbow makes its millions in moving this dirty fuel around the world.
Aside from dealing in dirty fuels, Oxbow also deals in dirty politics as well.According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Oxbow and its executives have contributed over $3 million this election season – the second most of any energy company, more than $1 million more than even Exxon.  Add that to the $1.6 million in lobbying this Congress, and Oxbow is clearly one of the Beltway heavyweights buying votes and favors left and right.

John nor any of us knew that when he accepted the job of loading all that coal ash or petcoke those couple of days that basically he was signing his death certificate.  That by working there he would have less than 8 weeks to live.

John came home after loading the coal ash and was very tired.  He had told his wife of 49 years that he was not required to wear any safety regulator and any specialized clothing.  His machine also did not have any enclosed cab.  He loaded the ash onto the train cars all day with the wind blowing the lethal ash into his face.  John also stated that the ash was very very fine and silvery and that it hadn't been hosed down which is required by law.  He came home that evening coated in a fine black dust that was everywhere.

The next morning he wakes up and he has horrible red rashes all over his body and he is itching everywhere.  He sees the doctor.  His doctor says he is probably allergic to something.... Within the next 12 days he is on a ventilator.  Within 7 weeks from the day he worked at Oxbow, John took his last breath.

The hospital first said that he has COPD.  Nope, that is not right, it is Emphysema.  Oops wrong again, it is actually a very rare, rare Cancer that John has only obtained within the last 3 months!!  

We had looked up John's symptoms the first day he was hospitalized.  With all the enlarged glands, rash, itching, age, etc we came up with "Chronic Beryllium Poisoning".  We begged the hospital to do a Toxicity Test on John.  They did not, would not listen to us.  Had they listened he might still be here today.  Unfortunately, COPD is easily recognized by Insurance Groups where lethal Coal Ash is not.

During John's decline he had maybe 10 good days, that of which his son was able to spend time with him.  My husband spent days and nights at the hospital with his father.  Looking back, we are so very greatful for that time.  One week he brought one of our daughters, the next week the second daughter.  Our youngest daughter was next to go visit with Grandpa but never made it as John had passed away only 15 minutes after eating his last ice cream cone.  

Petcoke, it is thought from the Oxbow Corporation, killed John quickly.  John had a challenged immune system for smoking on and off throughout his life.  He was 67 years old.  Other people that obtain employment from Oxbow Corporation are much younger with much better immune systems.  

These younger kids won't die instantly or within weeks.  More like years.  What they don't know is when they get hired they are literally signing their life away.  What took John 7 weeks to kill him will take 10 to 20 years to kill the healthier employees.

I am writing this in Honor of my Father-in-law, John.  With Christmas coming I can think of nothing better to do than to Honor him and also help save others.

John did not die for no reason.  I truly believe that God took John to help others that are being killed day after day working with the lethal Coal Ash.  That John will have died a Martyr.

The day of the funeral we were at the burial site.  I had buried my brother, grandparents, cousins, lots of aunts and uncles, so I wasn't totally new to the whole death thing.  But for the first time ever and I mean ever, I left the grave site of someone I knew and loved and felt that this was all terribly WRONG!  I envisioned reaching down into the open grave and helping John out as it was so wrong.  That thought has stayed with me ever since.

This is for all of those who are losing a family member or loved one or for those who are trying to get answers.  The internet is a wonderful thing especially when finding and linking Poisonous Substances to Companies.  I had went on Google and typed in Oxbow and deaths but only found where they are under extreme scrutiny for their Lethal Operations.

Now OUR STORY is heard!
We miss you John Sr!! <3 b="">

Thank you Lisa Madigan, Attorney General, we pray lives will be saved through the loss of John Thomas Long, Sr.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

UNFOOD is making America Obese! We are in a Health Crisis!

Who is to blame for Obesity?

Maria Kang responds after being charged with Hate Speech toward Curvy Girl Lingerie by saying, 

"I'm not bashing those who are proud and 

overweight, I am empowering those who are proud 

and healthy to come out and be the real role models 

in our society"

We need to stop eating JUNK that is called FOOD that lines our grocery stores shelves!!

  1. Aspartame, Splenda, Truvia
  2. MSG - Poison
  3. GMO FOODS - Genetically Modified!  Demand they put GMO foods on labels!!  It is our right to know!!
  4. Vegetables and Fruits that are sprayed with Chemicals!!  Find out what the Dirty Dozen is and buy ORGANIC on those!!  Apples, Celery, and Strawberries are the worst.  You are HARMING yourself more by eating them!!
Shop at your local Farmers Markets
  1. Do a Liver and Kidney Cleanse 2x a year
  2. Do a Parasite Cleanse 2x a year
Buy Grass Fed Beef and Organic Milk

I am a Mother of 4 children! Was exposed to Kraft Foods' biggest Residential Toxic Waste Site and gained 40 lbs. 
I suggest the book "Flush the Fat"! Follow it, do it, and see yourself get slimmer naturally!
It is not right to be FAT! It is not normal and it means that something is wrong!! Environment, foods, chemicals, etc!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Brain Scans for Warriors .... Amen to Dr Daniel Amen!

Woo HOO!!  I pray that all the military persons that come back with traumatic brain injuries are able to get the Spect Scans done for FREE!! 

Spect Scans on the Brain take out all the GUESS WORK! 

Our Country should be PROUD to have a wonderful man such as Dr. Daniel Amen that brings the wounded back their sanity through the specialized work of Spect Scans.  Amen Clinics provide Spect Scans which I believe, as well as many others, holds the magical key to regain your life after a traumatic brain injury.


SPECT imaging (which stands for single-photon emission computerized tomography) is a special kind of photograph we take of the brain to help us better understand how it works and what is going on inside of it. SPECT can specifically help people with brain trauma by:
  • Helping identify if there has been brain trauma
  • Showing deficits not visible in anatomical studies
  • Identifying affected systems
  • Helping determine if treatment is working correctly 
  • Helping determine if there could be co-occurring conditions that need treatment 
  • Increasing treatment compliance by showing pictures of results
  • Providing scientific documentation that may help with special services or legal issues
  • Helping people gain a better understanding of their brain through visuals

Spect Scans show what part of the brain isn't working properly which makes it a no brainer to properly diagnose and prescribe medicines that will help that person fell somewhat normal again.

Your brain is much like the computer in your car.  If there is something wrong with the computerized elements while driving, the car isn't going to run very well at all.  Much like the brain.  Once your brain is injured, EVERYTHING changes!!  

Very few Neurologists are truly qualified mechanics of the brain.  I always thought in order for them to help those with traumatic brain injuries they need to get a few themselves:)

Kudos to The foundation Brain Scans for Warriors 

Neurologists usually have no clue when it comes to head injuries, but Dr. Daniel Amens Clinics do!!  Yes they cost, but isn't your life worth it????